About Sharndell

Sharndell Carr has always had a creative and an entrepreneur spirit; however, she did not know that her dreams of being a business owner would be revealed through her love for sweets. She started baking to pass time after having a health scare resulting in a stay-at-home order from her doctor. While at home, Sharndell got pretty good at baking and begin baking not only for her family’s special occasions, but she start baking for her neighbors, her friends and their friends. Soon the word got out about Sharndell and her sweet treats and she became known as “The Baker” by those around her.

High Quality Cakes Since 2013

With encouragement from friends and family, she launched Cupcake and a Smile in the Summer of 2013. For the first couple of years, Sharndell operated solely as a catering and food truck business. While working full time, Sharndell built up her business by baking at night and on weekends.  By 2016, she was ready to open her very first Brick-and-Mortar in Richmond, TX to increase her visibility and to maximize the potential of her business. By 2018, she opened her second storefront (Grab-N-Go concept) in Downtown Houston to reach a broader audience and to meet the demand for her delicious desserts.
Sharndell’s business model focuses on delivering cupcakes that are so delicious they make you smile. Excellent customer service sets Cupcake and a Smile apart from other food trucks and bake shops in the area.  Sharndell strives to create an ongoing relationship with each customer that begins with a simple introduction and ends with a tasty treat. Customer satisfaction can certainly attest to the success of Cupcake and a Smile. Sharndell’s business has grown mainly through word-of-mouth referrals from her loyal customers. Through dedication and working hard, Sharndell has been able to grow her business. She advises other entrepreneurs to do the same to grow their own business. Unfortunately, in 2019, Sharndell made the decision to close her Richmond, TX store due to post highway construction which led to a reduction in foot traffic by over 45%.  Although we are currently in a Pandemic, Sharndell has plans to secure additional wholesale opportunities for Cupcake and a Smile. In the next few months, Sharndell would like to partner with local stores and coffee shops to sell her cupcakes. Those sales will help her achieve her expansion goal of opening another Grab-N-Go location.  As a business owner, Sharndell is completely dedicated to creating and serving a quality product. She loves owning her food truck and storefront because she can put a smile on her customer’s face every day.  For her, “the happiness that results from serving cupcakes makes the early morning and late night baking worthwhile.”